Iphones VS Samsungs (My thoughts.)

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Iphones VS Samsungs (My thoughts.)

Post by Eoin » Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:34 pm

not gonna lie, but both are ridiculously expesnive. They both have there pros and cons. iPhones are mostly bought just because of the name. Not how good they are. Its easy to get any file from an apple device to another apple device. Alot of iPhones have better cameras than samsung phones.

Samsung phones are cheaper than iPhones, but still very expensive. Samsungs are easier to personalize than iphones, they use google and in my opinion just all around better than iPhones because with Iphones, if a new one is released, the old ones just aren't updated ur supported.

So for me, the winner is:

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Re: Iphones VS Samsungs (My thoughts.)

Post by Cernodile » Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:49 am

iPhones vs Samsungs are kind of a classical debate of the mobile world, much like Windows vs Mac; both have pros and cons. iPhones actually do have some VERY nice stuff, but that doesn't justify their juicy price tag, and planned obsolence. Samsung doesn't justify their price tags either. Honestly, it all depends for the type of consumer, if you're a budget cheapo like I am, you wouldn't go for any famous brands. If you're a rich person, and like to showoff, iPhone is for you, if you're a rich person, and know a thing or two about technology, cons and pros of the device, you'd go for an Android device with best specification for the buck. Most people buy phones for appearance, which is honestly VERY dumb in my opinion.
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Re: Iphones VS Samsungs (My thoughts.)

Post by skil » Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:05 am

Phone choice comes down to personal preference and what you intend on doing with the phone. For example, if you just want a phone that works without many issues iPhones are pretty good (they're popular with school students because of how simple it can be) however they can be really expensive.
Samsungs are for people who want more customisation out of their phone (like myself.)
Both devices have the possibility of being used to their full potential (jailbreak & rooting) however the Android root has to be 100x more extensive than jailbreak will ever be.
In my opinion, I prefer Android over iOS and I went with a Samsung because of reputation. I can see people like me opting for devices like the OnePlus 5T and Pixel 2.

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Re: Iphones VS Samsungs (My thoughts.)

Post by oHKonDee » Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:23 pm

Your statement "Iphone's have better cameras than samsung phones" isn't really true. Samsung has made a lot more phone models that Apple. In my opinion, the high end samsung phones have almost the same quality cameras as Apple. I myself use Oneplus 5. It out performs all the phones in it's price category. Now that the 5T has been released, it outperforms and has an better camera than most of the phones. Also it has 18:9 aspect ratio.

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Re: Iphones VS Samsungs (My thoughts.)

Post by xlc » Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:34 pm

Nothing that you could add to a phone in this day and age will justify a $1000 price tag though, that doesn't just mean I hate IPhones. I'm sure now that they've set the precedent, Samsung, Google, OnePlus and more will end up buffing the prices for the sake of following the crowd. Add on all the extra gadgets you like, why not include a lockpick and drinks dispenser next time? Perhaps an assault rifle will be more fitting. I myself use an Android phone but it's not a Samsung phone, we're blocking out a huge portion of users with it just being those two brands. But if we are just going for those two then Samsung wins. Barring their huge failure with batteries in the last year or so, I think they are more reasonable than Apple. I am biased though, it even says that in my signature.
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