[K06TC_A] Just5 Freedom X1 - Flashing Nougat (7.0) & Rooting

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[K06TC_A] Just5 Freedom X1 - Flashing Nougat (7.0) & Rooting

Post by Cernodile » Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:34 pm

Just5 Freedom X1 - Flashing Nougat (7.0) & Rooting
Continue at your own risk, I am not responsible for any damages done to your device.

Some notes before we start off; I've done this on a device with unlocked bootloader, and fall into category of accidentaly formatting everything. Purpose of this thread is to help people who can't find any resources from Google due to lack of any developers or support on it.
First, obtain the firmware for Nougat from NeedROM (requires registration). Unrar the archive using your favourite archival utility such as 7-zip or WinRAR.

Obtain SP Flash Tool, as you'll be needing it to flash your firmware. Choose the "Download" section, and power off your phone entirely. Choose the scatter file from where you extracted your firmware, in this case MT6753_Android_scatter.txt. MAKE SURE YOU SELECT DOWNLOAD ONLY SO YOU WON'T LOSE EVERYTHING INCLUDING NVRAM. Use the "MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin" Download-Agent, and click "Download", and connect your phone via usb to your PC. The tool should start flashing. If you've failed this step, you can retry it with different DA's, or reach out to me.

Once you've flashed, it should take a little while longer to boot than usual, that's okay, as you've just installed a whole new system. If you managed to screw up your NVRAM by formatting everything and have "Invalid IMEI", get MAUI Meta (v9) and attempt to boot into META mode. Select "IMEI Download" from dropdown menu, and from here on it should be super obvious what to do.

OH NO! Modem exception with META tool and can't detect SIM! (unknown baseband)
Remain calm, reflash the firmware with Format All + Download, this will reflash your baseband. Once it's finished, boot into META mode and rewrite IMEI, and you're ready to relaunch your phone. You can do it before or after first boot, doesn't matter.

That's great, but I miss my root!
You may already be aware, that easy root methods such as KingRoot or Framaroot aren't working on these NeedROM firmwares, fortunately you can still root (and without breaking SafetyNet!). You need to obtain Magisk from XDA (get the apk version). Insert your boot.img to your phone's SD card, and select it using the app. Pull the patched image from your phone's SD and boot into fastboot. From here, I suggest you test if it won't brick your device first. To do that, type in fastboot boot patched_boot.img and you should now have temporary root until you restart. You can verify root by either getting a third-party application from the Play Store, or checking the Magisk application. If you got root, you may reboot into fastboot, and type following to make it permanent; fastboot flash patched_boot.img. Congratulations! At this point you've just rooted your device using Magisk, and it doesn't even trigger SafetyNet!

Should you have additional questions, feel free to ask me.
Thank you for reading, hope it helped you either save or update your phone (or root ;) ).

Here's proof of it working;
https://i.imgur.com/lmYC3dr.png (yes I'll spare your bandwidth, by not making it load a huge image)
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