My name is Joann Mõndresku, I'm 17 years old, I'm self-taught at programming, but I'm learning to be a junior IT-systems specialist. I really love solving complex situations related to both hardware and software.

My work

I create or contribute to open source projects in my free time, you can find all my contributions on my GitHub page. I've created a lot of Discord related projects, that have recieved a small amount of attention.

My tech community

My tech community is available both on Discord, and have their own forums. We aren't really that large, but hey, gotta start somewhere!

Sub-domains and other pages

If you thought I only got a single page or a few, then oh boy were you wrong! I also manage some sub-domains and extra assets here!

Name Description
Utility tools ( Home to an assortment of utility tools - open source and no ads.
Random demos ( Kinda deprecated and non-used, but I had it before