Community Guidelines [18/11/2017]

Please follow the rules to ensure everyone has a good time in our community.
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Community Guidelines [18/11/2017]

Post by Cernodile » Fri Nov 17, 2017 4:59 pm

Community Guidelines
Last updated 18th November 2017

Community Guidelines are a set of rules to follow in this community in order to peacefully communicate and share your passion with others. Remember, it's not hard to follow the rules! 🙂

Section 1 - Behaviour
We expect you to have respect to your fellow community members, and behave like an adult. Creating unnecessary disturbing posts can get you punished depending on severity.

Section 2 - Post content
You may not post advertisements, create unnecessary spam, revive old dead threads, create active duplicate threads, repost a moderator closed thread. You may also not post pornography, gore, disturbing images, and adult content.

Section 3 - Punishments
Punishments are usually negotiable if the offense isn't really THAT bad. However, if you've done anything worthy of your punishment, you can't appeal your punishment. Repeatedly appealing your punishment extends it, and evading them CAN get you punished severly worse
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