I am Cernodile, an online identity behind a blue square. I'm 19 years old and self-taught at programming in C and C++, C#, web development languages, and several scripting languages. Junior IT Systems Specialist by calling. Sysadmin freshman.

My work

I create or contribute to open source projects in my free time, you can find all my contributions on my GitHub page. I've created a lot of Discord related projects, that have recieved a small amount of attention.

    My open source projects

    NOTICE: I do not maintain these projects anymore, but contributions and continuations are welcome.

    Name Description
    DiscordStreamer Discord server-radio bot, designed for ease of use.
    Botcord Third party webclient for Discord, designed primarily for bots.
    Freezy Multipurpose Discord bot.
    JSCord A lightweight browser Discord API library.
    GTReminder Small phpgd tool to remind of recurring events.
    GTMusicSim Web-based music simulator, based on music system in Growtopia. [Demo]
    GTWorldPlanner World planner for Growtopia, you need to get assets yourself. [Demo]
    Intellect Bot meant for Growtopia Discord servers as an item database and utility tool.
    RTTEX Converter Web-based RTTEX converter for games made with Proton SDK. [Demo]

    Open source projects I have contributed to

    NOTICE: I am NOT a maintainer of these projects, these are just a few notable open source projects I've contributed to.

    Name Description My Contribution
    ReactOS Open source Windows XP/2003 clone, not based on Linux, completely from scratch. Lunar theme, Estonian translations

My communities & contact

Unofficial ReactOS Community Discord: I own the unofficial Discord server for ReactOS. Join with the Discord invite link

Personal Discord: My personal Discord is available here. Note that this community is very inactive and has digressed from original purpose.

If you have any more serious matters that aren't fitting to discuss over Instant Messaging platforms, you can reach my email at joann (at) cernodile (dot) com

As a final note - no I won't add you as friend, I will only add people I personally trust or know enough. Please stop bothering me about this, it is getting tiresome.

More sites

These sites are grouped for sake of browsing convenience.

Name Description
Utility tools ( Home to an assortment of utility tools - open source and no ads.
Random demos ( Kinda deprecated and non-used, but I had it before

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