My name is Joann Mõndresku, I'm 19 years old, I'm self-taught at programming in C and C++, C#, web development languages, and several scripting languages. Currently a final year student for Junior IT Systems Specialist.

My work

I create or contribute to open source projects in my free time, you can find all my contributions on my GitHub page. I've created a lot of Discord related projects, that have recieved a small amount of attention.

My communities

Unofficial ReactOS Community Discord: I own the unofficial Discord server for ReactOS. Join with the Discord invite link

Personal Discord server: My personal Discord is available here. Note that this server is very inactive.

More sites

These sites are grouped for sake of browsing convenience.

Name Description
Utility tools ( Home to an assortment of utility tools - open source and no ads.
Random demos ( Kinda deprecated and non-used, but I had it before

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